Dual-Enrollment Courses

Saint Agnes School is excited to announce that we have earned dual-enrollment status for 6 additional classes, bringing the total of dual-enrollment eligible courses to 19! 

What is dual-enrollment college credit? The courses listed below are given this certification for two reasons: a) the instructor has a M.A. or Ph.D. in the subject area, and b) the course syllabus content has been university approved. 

How does the dual-enrollment program work? A $90 fee is charged for each dual-enrollment course a student takes. The student will earn up to 3 college credits* per course completed. After high school graduation, the student will receive a transcript of classes and grades from UMary  to use at their college or university of choice.  Additional details on the program and credit transferability will be available on the registration forms. 

Saint Agnes School Courses:    UMary Courses:
Latin I, Latin II, Latin III, Latin IV, Latin V    LAT 101, LAT 102, LAT 201, LAT 202, LAT 301
Apologetics        THE 104
Catholic Moral Theology THE 270
The Great Conversation (Senior Honors English) PHI 201
World Literature (Senior English)  ENG 130
European History (non-Honors & Honors) HIS 102
Honors Physics (Honors only)   PHY 203
U.S. History (non-Honors & Honors)  HIS 271
Catholic Social Doctrine  THE 208
A History of Catholic Dogma     THE 250
The Creed              THE 112
Introduction to Old Testament THE 110
Sacraments & 10 Commandments THE 221
Introduction to New Testament   THE 203
Fundamentals of Engineering      ENR 101
Greek (Honors level) GRK 201

*Each listed course will earn 3.00 college credits

Registration forms were distributed in qualifying classes in December.  Please see the links below for more information.

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This is yet another offering that sets Saint Agnes School apart for academic excellence, highlighting the value of a content-rich liberal arts education in grades K-12.  For questions or additional information, please contact Mr. Michael Adkins, Dean of Academics, at madkins@saintagnesschool.org