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Students in UAC commons

why study Liberal Arts?

A liberal arts education is an indispensable gift for your child. Rooted in a liberal arts education is a liberating of knowledge and skills, which allows each student to fall in love with learning and think for themselves. It pushes students to grow in virtue and character with an education that cultivates the heart and mind. 

A liberal arts curriculum fosters the art of conversation and respectful dialogue through Socratic discussion. As students read the great books, such as Shakespeare, Aquinas, Plato and other timeless writers, and learn [actual] history, study Latin, students are able to dialogue with each other about people, events and ideas that have shaped our age. This method also educates students in cultural literacy, encouraging students to better appreciate our culture, country, democracy and our writes by knowing our history. 

Truth is one; we benefit immensely when the areas of study are united and not divided. Thus, we promote an integration of subjects, forming well-rounded, well-educated people alive in Christ. There is a vital preparation for the hard sciences, and a well-rounded education is the best and most effective context to study math and science. From music and theatre performances to visual and studio masterpieces, there is an appreciation and participation in the arts.

Education in faith, reason, and virtue will prepare you for success in college, life, and beyond.





Prior to enrolling our seven children at Saint Agnes School, our family homeschooled.  We enjoyed it very much, as it was something we undertook together, as a family.  When we discerned a change for our children into school enrollment, we found Saint Agnes to be fundamentally aligned with our family’s mission of Catholic formation and education.  This place, and these people, are an extension of family life.  Much like homeschooling, we are doing this together, all ages under one roof.  Saint Agnes is for all of us, children and parents, an invaluable support in our academic and liturgical experience of the Faith.

-Anonymous Saint Agnes Parent

Forming confident, intelligent and faithful young adults, prepared for this life and the next.

We offer a challenging, integrated liberal arts program that underlines the unity of faith and reason. Rooted in the tradition of Catholic education, our curriculum is broken down into the divisions of grammar (K-6), logic (7-8) and rhetoric (9-12), integrating the humanities, theology, mathematics, natural sciences, the fine arts, and physical education. Our Academics Overview shows a simple visual of our K-12 curriculum. This educational model emphasizes the Virtues, the Catholic intellectual tradition, and their origins in the Greco-Roman world.

We believe that our school ought to offer a distinct alternative to the public school model – one that is grounded in faith and the pursuit of truth, beauty and goodness. We believe that Saint Agnes is a model par excellence of Catholic education that works. 


For questions about our Course Catalogue or on Common Core State Standards, please contact our Academic Dean, Mr. Michael Adkins (651-925-8756).