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Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Students in Grades 2-12 have several opportunities for creative expression in the Performing Arts by involvement in the Drama Club, One-Act Play, and Spring Musical. Grades 1 & 6 also put on a yearly Passion Play. 

Holiday Inn



**You can also call our dedicated Box Office phone line at 651-395-7340 to purchase tickets.**


This spectacular new musical focuses on Jim Hardy who is tired of the rat race of performing every day, so he fulfills his lifelong dream and buys a farm in Connecticut to settle down and enjoy the good life. After a time, he realizes he is not cut out to be a farmer and following a visit from his show business friends, he decides to turn the farm into Holiday Inn—a place where performances only happen on the holidays. This gives the musical the format to celebrate all the holidays with production numbers depicting New Years, Valentine's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Singing and dancing our way through these holidays is great fun, especially with two tap numbers—one done while jumping rope!



April 22nd-23rd @ 7:30 PM

April 24th @ 2:00 PM

April 29th-30th @ 7:30 PM

May 1st @ 2:00 PM


Center Seats: Adults - $20; Students (18 and under) - $15.

Side Seats: Adults - $15; Students (18 and under) - $10.



**You can also call our dedicated Box Office phone line at 651-395-7340 to purchase tickets.**



Performing Opportunities

  • Drama Club (7-12)
    • High school students meet weekly to experience improvisational exercises, learn techniques for performing on the stage, and develop skills for auditions. Students who don’t want to perform, but would like to contribute other skills such as sets, costuming, lights and sound, are also encouraged to participate.
    • Advisor: Mrs. Tricia Roddy, 651-925-8754
  • One-Act Play (7-12)
    • Students perform a One-Act play as part of Art Night in January. Students do not need to be a member of the Drama Club, but it is encouraged. Rehearsals are scheduled based on the availability of the actors.
    •  Advisor: Mrs. Tricia Roddy, 651-925-8754
  • Passion Play (1, 6)
    • Students in grade 6 and grade 1 combine skills to present a moving Passion Play before Easter.
    • Advisors: 6th grade teachers
  • Spring Musical (2-12)
    • The Saint Agnes Spring Musical offers students who love to sing, dance, and act the opportunity to perform. It is open to all students in grades 2-12 and is highly regarded as one of the best productions in the area.
    • Advisor: Mr. David Johnson, 651-925-8721
newsies musical
Young actors portraying Mary holding the body of Jesus

helene houle auditorium

The addition of the Helene Houle Auditorium in 2017 was made possible through the gifts of many donors, but most especially through the humbling generosity of John Nasseff and Helene Houle, who provided major funding. With state of the art sound and lighting, the auditorium seats 482 and is used not only for concerts and performances, but assemblies, classes, speakers, and more.