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House & Advisory System




Supporting the mission of the school as being rooted in faith, reason, and virtue, the purpose of House and Advisory is to create a school wide community that cohesively examines and practices the following question: what does it look like to authentically live your daily life rooted in faith, reason, and virtue? If the school’s mission is to create Catholic hearts and minds, House and Advisory’s mission is to exercise and strengthen those Catholic hearts and minds for the good of the school and the world at large.

Purposeful Houses and Advisories fortify the culture of the school through:

Providing opportunities for students to apply the truths taught in the classroom throughout their daily life, whether in conversation, service, leisure, or competitions

Forming relationships that challenge students to hold one another accountable in the pursuit of a virtuous life

Creating communities that are disposed and committed to the good for one another, themselves, and the larger community, thus serving the greater good of the school by enacting a common mission and standard of conduct